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Women's Health - Two ways to Increase Brown Fat

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2 ways to increase brown fat cells

Brown fat cells burn fat at a higher rate

2 ways to increase brown fat cells - Women's Health & Fitness

They’re the hot ticket in warding off weight gain, but is there a formula for making brown fat cells? Yes, according to recent research.

1. Exposure to cold could cause adults to generate new brown fat cells, according to research reported in journal Nature Medicine. Unlike ubiquitous white fat cells, which lounge around storing fat, rarer brown ones burn fat at a higher rate as part of a duty to keep us warm.

2. Consuming sleep hormone melatonin may control weight gain by stimulating ‘beige fat’, suggests a study published in the Journal of Pineal Research. In a study of rats, long-term melatonin consumption appeared to alter the white-to-brown fat ratio in thin subjects. It also synced with production of beige fat in obese diabetic subjects.

That doesn’t mean eating foods containing melatonin will turn you into Miranda Kerr, but hey, can’t hurt. (How’s a sandwich with mustard, goji berry, almonds, sunflower seeds, cardamom, fennel, coriander and cherries sound?).



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Exercising in the heat? Cool down for better performance

(Reuters Health) - Using cold water, ice baths or ice vests before or during a workout in the heat helps athletes perform better, according to a new review.One way to think about it, said study author Dr. Thijs M H Eijsvogels, would be that cooling techniques may reduce the amount of energy the body needs [...]

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‘Good Fat’ Stimulated by Cool Temperatures

ABC NEWSJun 4, 2012 4:14pmCool temperatures may activate “good” fat in the body that burns calories and ultimately leads to weight loss, according to a new study published in the journal PNAS USA Early Edition.The “good fat” is called brown adipose tissue, or brown fat, and is naturally found in humans. It takes calories from [...]

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​Slightly lowering the temperature burns calories

Dr. Christopher Ochner, an obesity specialist at New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital, joined the CBS This Morning co-hosts to discuss the findings and how being a little chilly can help reduce your waistline.He explained that when people are cold, they automatically shiver, which research shows will raise the body’s metabolic rate by up to five [...]

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LA Times: Cold? Good thing if you want to lose weight

January 23, 2014Turn your thermostat down -- and don’t add a sweater. That, researchers report, will not only save energy to heat your home but will use more body energy and perhaps aid weight loss.Before you get too excited, the scientists are not suggesting the life of a chilly couch potato is the answer to [...]

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Cooling Vests fight flab

Cooling the body down, rather than building up a sweat, could be an effective way of losing weight, a new research from Harvard University revealed.The Scientists concluded that brown fat – a “good” fat that burns calories – is activated by the cold. Brown Fat is found naturally in humans and consumes calories to generate [...]

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CBS News - Cold Temperatures may contribute to weight loss

Article from CBS St. LouisST.LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX)- Recently, cold weather has been the “chill” throughout the United States. But there may be a silver lining for all of the frigid weather. Dutch researcher Wouter van Marken Lichtenbelt, say a ten year study of the effects of the cold on metabolism shows that when people get cold, they burn [...]

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