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Cooling Vests fight flab


Cooling the body down, rather than building up a sweat, could be an effective way of losing weight, a new research from Harvard University revealed.

The Scientists concluded that brown fat – a “good” fat that burns calories – is activated by the cold. Brown Fat is found naturally in humans and consumes calories to generate heat. The activation of this tissue through cool temperatures is known as non-shivering thermogenesis and could be the key in the fight against obesity.

The team at the Joslin Diabetes Center at Harvard University was successfully able to activate brown fat with a 14°C Cooling Vest. They had also tested the effects of the over the counter weight loss drug Ephedrine but found it was not activating the tissue. Lead researcher Dr. Aaron Cypess said that “this was the first time a study revealed that ephedrine does not turn on brown fat”.

Dr. Cypess said harnessing the cold effects could help reduce calories without the side effects associated with ephedrine.

“Mild cold exposure stimulates (brown fat) energy expenditure with fewer other systemic effects, suggesting that cold activates specific sympathetic pathways,” he said.

“Agents that mimic cold activation of (brown fat) could provide a promising approach to treating obesity while minimizing systemic effects,” he said.

Dr. Cypess would conclude the article by saying one method to stimulate brown adipose tissue as we did in the study would be to design a cooling vest that people can wear to help them lose weight. We at TechNiche International have done just that, created and designed a Cooling Vest set at the same targeted 14°C and will maintain this temperature for 2-3 hours. For more information on the KewlFit Weight Management Cooling Vest please visit http://www.kewlfit.com or call 888-823-2665.

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